Listening With The Third Ear

August 23, 2018
4:00 - 9:00pm


signs and symbols presents Listening With The Third Ear, a project by INNER COURSE as part of artists & allies.

Easier than drugs, safer than melodrama, and more reliable than Primal Scream Therapy. Help us help you conduct your own awareness session.


INNER COURSE (a project by Rya Kleinpeter and Tora López) create immersive situations that incite systems of play through candid, improvised performances that entangle the boundaries of art maker and viewer. Their compositions are shaped by rumor, humor, psychodramatic inquiry, and role-play. Exhibitions include The Museum Of Old And New Art (Tasmania, AU), Smack Mellon (NYC), Whitney Houston Biennial (NYC), Alaska Projects (Sydney, AU) Honey Space (NYC), Pulse Art Fair (NYC), and the Life Is Art Foundation (New Orleans, LA).