Dream to Recall Forgotten Thoughts
Meta Grgurevic

August 28, 2018
11:00am - 6:00pm


signs and symbols presents a screening day of a selection of three video works by artist Meta Grgurevic part of artists & allies.

In Saudade,the temporal dimension is thematised by the video of a mother and daughter struggling on a hovering chair to find the uncertain balance in life through a repetitive state and a precisely measured possibility of the real.

The video Dream to Recall Forgotten Thoughts evolves around the relationship between a mother and a daughter. Mother draws on the wall; she plans an uncertain future, her daughter pantomimically dances a child's dance. With visual tricks of disappearance and occurrence, they pass from the past to the present and vice versa. On the wall behind them, a clip plays from the movie The Great Dictator by Charlie Chaplin. The content of the speech and the connection between the past and the present is constantly stimulated by the interaction between the mother and daughter in the front of the video.

Galanterie Mécanique by Meta Grgurevič and Urša Vidic is a symphony of kinetic objects, video, performance and music. A homogenous spatial whole reveals a contemplation of the relationship between man and machine, collaboration and co-operation between individuals, and the position of the individual within wider social relationships. The driving force of the installation is a harmony of constituent parts – the seemingly crucial or superfluous ones. The latter take on the role of tiny connecting elements, communicating with the seemingly established system and operation of mechanic elements and imbuing them with a lyrical and organic tinge, while assuming a part of the mechanic essence. The new convolution becomes a working system, which is independent to a certain extent but needs the participation of all components, both organic and mechanical, in order to function.

meta grgurevic creates installations which explore art’s relationship to science. Although she studied painting, she finds her means of expression in a complex interplay of kinetic mechanical objects in multidimensional settings. She finished her post-graduate studies in painting at the Venice Fine Art Academy in 2007. From 2002- 2005 she, Mara Ambrozic, Jasmina Cibic and Mery Favaretto founded and ran the Passaporta group, which operated between Venice, Ljubljana, Granada and London. Since then she has frequently worked in collaboration with other artists: Urša Vidic, JAŠA, Tine Grgurevic, Mark Pozlep, Nina Vidrih, Kalu (Luka Uršic), Junzi. As well with people from fields of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering: France Petac, Otto Urpelainen and Martin Podlogar.