MELOMANIA - deep listening sound gestures
Jovana Djuric

August 9, 2018
6:00 - 9:00pm

signs and symbols presents MELOMANIA, a sound performance by artist Jovana Djuric as part of artists & allies.

In her sound practice, Jovana Djuric’s interest lies in exploring the notion that sound can venture and inhabit spaces hidden from our view. In her live performance, Djuric sets out to permeate space and the audience around her with the sounds she creates. Fascinated by the possibility of entrainment, the artist works towards creating the gallery space and the audience as one body.

jovana djuric is a Serbian born American artist based in New York City. Concerned primarily with gesture and physicality involved in the creative process, Djuric merges disciplines spanning performance, sculpture, video and sound. Intrigued with what takes place internally during the process of creation rather than what remains as an artifact, she sees all her work as post-performative objects. It is the physicality of the process that is the main focus through which she examines individual freedom and presence vs. collective identity and its imposed narratives that exalt pain over joy.