signs and symbols: artists & allies II

July 31 - August 28, 2019

Opening Reception
July 31, 2019
6:00 - 8:00pm

Opening Night Performance
by Shelley Marlow & Jen DeNike

There is a legend in the life of Joan Miro, the Spanish painter whose quest for simplicity in art lead to celebrated style oft mistaken for naïve. A woman is said to have come up to him one day and said, looking upon one of his paintings, “My child could do that.” He responded, “Yes, ma’am, but could you?”

For the month of August, signs and symbols presents the second annual edition of artists & allies: a dynamic program of multimedia and time-based work, screenings and performances. Conceived as an experimental glimpse into our program and upcoming season, a selection of work will be on view of artists of the gallery. Ally artists will also contribute work and discourse. However, this year, to acknowledge the importance that ‘community’ and ‘family’ have meant to the creation and perseverance of ‘signs and symbols’ over the last year and half, this years ‘allies’ include not only artists who support or are otherwise aligned with the gallery’s mission, but also the talented and inpiring sons and daughters of our creators and performers as well. Indeed, to celebrate the tradition of value of a child’s imagination and its unparalleled openness to the beauty of the universe, the children of our ‘artists and allies’ have been invited to contribute exciting and fresh new ideas. For it takes a village, not only to raise a child, but also to grow a gallery.

A weekly screening and/or performance will take place. Musical interventions will be accompanied by movement and dance in several live acts, experimental performance workshops will follow film and historic video screenings; readings and happenings intermix alongside an old-fashioned lemonade stand. Devised with the intent for fun, dialogue, overlap and exchange, our summer program is not a singular position, but a multifaceted, open-ended alternative to a summer group show.

Participating artists include:

Jen DeNike | Tony Orrico | ULAY | Annabel Daou | Wermke/Leinkauf | Michelle Handelman | Paul Jacobsen | Shelley Marlow | Ornella Fieres | Drew Conrad | Sharon Louden | INNER COURSE | Stavro | Emil de Negroponte | Andres Carranza | Laleh Khorramian | Adam Broomberg | Charlie Stein | Camellia Hartman | Mykel Nairne | Rhys Tivey | Natalie Deryn Johnson | JAŠA | Benoît Platéus | Helen Remmel

and others…

Featured children artists include:

Orion Zev Orrico | Leni Broomberg | Marlowe Broomberg | Alexia D’Monte| Adelae DeNike Palmer | Hudson DeNike Palmer | Ellie Rosenblatt | Alexandra Gepp | Nicola Remmel | Julian Remmel | Djuna Pascher | Dolores Bailey | Simon Attali

Children's artwork is available in an online auction (link closes August 28, 2019 at 6:00pm EST). All proceeds from children's artwork will be donated to The Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling.

Shelley Marlow, Two Augusts In a Row In a Row (detail from book cover), 2015


performance and screening dates:

Wednesday July 31 | Shelley Marlow & Jen DeNike| 7:30pm

Tuesday August 6 | Rhys Tivey & Natalie Deryn Johnson | 7pm 

Wednesday August 7 | Michelle Handelman | screening 12pm - 8pm

Thursday August 8 | Wermke/Leinkauf | screening 7:30pm

Tuesday August 13 | Rhys Tivey & Natalie Deryn Johnson | 7pm 

Wednesday, August 14 | JAŠA | screening 6 - 8pm

Thursday August 15 | INNER COURSE | 6 - 9pm

Saturday August 17 | Rhys Tivey & Natalie Deryn Johnson | 7pm 

Tuesday August 20 | ULAY | screening 7:30pm

Wednesday August 21 | Camellia Hartman & Mykel Nairne | 7pm

Thursday August 22 | Andres Carranza | screening 12 - 6pm